The Best Planner and Reminder Apps for Students

Since we are already living in a digital world, most of the aspects of our lives are becoming modern too. This includes the things that most of the students need like a planner and reminder apps. As part of the modernization, students are now opting for the best student planner app as well as the reminder app that can help them in their school life. In this era of computer and smartphones, it is best if you know the best planner apps for college students, and they are as follows:


It is no secret to us that Trello is the best college planner app, whether you are making a to-do-list, screenplay, or managing a team. No more worries because Trello will help you organize all of these. This type of app is as important as the role of writing services ( to the college students who are having difficulty in writing an essay. Another great thing about this app is it’s easy to use features and flexibility.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is also considered as a top planner and reminder app for students because of synchronizing options for different schedules and events coming from your own Google account. All of the scheduled events that you are going to put in the Google calendar can be color-coded. That's why you can easily identify all the upcoming and important events that you are going to attend or complete.


Of course, our list will never be the best without the Wunderlist. This app plays a great role in the lives of the students, just how is valuable to them. This is considered the easiest and most comfortable way to share and create your everyday to-do list. Whatever your plan is, whether it is shopping, adventure, or extra-curricular activities, Wunderlist can help you do the magic. This app includes new wonderful and amazing features, including the Recurring, Sharing, Reminders, Notifications, and improved notes to ensure that you don’t miss any details of your schedule.


I bet you are already aware of this one because it is one of the best when it comes to making an organized schedule and things for the students. You will surely love this program and will keep your upcoming events simple, neat, and organized. It is also very easy for this program to add more tasks. It is also very easy and simple for the management to know if someone is finished or not on his task.

Microsoft Outlook

Our list will never be complete without Microsoft Outlook. Well, thanks to its newest improvements. This one is not only considered as a calendar app, but this is also a great combination of email, planner, calendar, and many more in just one place. This one also offers access to your different files.
The apps mentioned above are some of the best planner and reminder apps for every student. This kind of tool will surely help every student to plan all their schedules and activities at school. Because of the students’ busy lives, it is important to have these apps for more detailed and clear planning and scheduling to help them cope with their tasks as easily as possible.