Benefits of JustRemindIt

Why you should use JustRemindIt for sending reminders?

Voice Call reminders are more effective than Email reminders

People almost always answer their phones when they ring. On the other hand, people don't check their emails all the time. Often, people do not have smart-phones or data plan service to check emails when they are on the go. So send a Voice Call reminder at desired time - chances are high that your tasks will get done.

Voice Call reminders are available for all kinds of phones

Voice Call reminders are useful and available for both landline and cell phones, unlike SMS reminders which are useful only for cell phones.

Typing a message is easier than recording your message with complex setup

It is painful to record message as an audio file, upload it to server, and then broadcast it to the recipients. Instead, typing a text message is super convenient and easy, and it can be customized for every reminder too. We convert your text messages into voice calls, so that you don't have to suffer.

On the go accessibility is better than limited accessibility

Schedule a reminder when you think about it. Being able to set reminders from your mobile device is super convenient as you don't want to forget it until you reach at your home or work place.

Who should use JustRemindIt?

Professional and Personal Service Businesses

If you run Professional or Personal Service businesses, such as a massage therapy practice, a salon, a law firm, or a dentistry, then send reminders to your clients about their appointments. Sometimes clients forget about their appointments, which costs you revenue and disturbs your schedule. Reminding clients about their appointments automatically would reduce your no-show problems, keep your schedule on track and help you please them with the great customer service, thus increasing your revenue.


Send reminders to yourself about paying Credit card bills or buying grocery while driving home. You can also send reminders to your friends about a party you've planned or to colleagues about bringing important papers to work the next day. You can also send birthday or anniversary wishes to your loved ones anytime such that they receive the wishes on the requested date — you will never miss anyone's important day!