About JustRemindIt

What is JustRemindIt?

Voice call reminder service

JustRemindIt is a Web based and iPhone based application to send Voice Call reminders to your clients, friends and yourself very easily and affordably.

Easy to use service

You just enter the receiver's details like name, phone number and timezone, then you enter reminder details like message (in simple text format) and date and time at which you want to send a reminder. And then we convert your textual message into Voice Call and call the receiver at scheduled time.

What makes JustRemindIt special?

Its simplicity — easy and beautiful interface

What really sets JustRemindIt apart from other reminding services is — how simple and easy it is to use. You simply need to type your message, and we take care of calling the receiver via Voice Call.

Its affordability — simple pay-as-you-go pricing

We charge only when you use the service. So no harm in signing up now, and pay only when you use the service. There are also no usage restrictions, expiry limits on your reminder balance. It's simple pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Its accessibility — available on Web and iPhone

It's also accessible from both Web and iPhone application so you can use this service anytime on the go — your account always remains in sync.